Thursday, July 9, 2009


Images from the post-punk revival


post-punk, late 70s early 80s images:

'Let's Dance to Joy Division' initial ideas

Key themes that i want to address in the video


'joy division'



The Wombats: 'Let's Dance to Joy Division' lyrics

The Lyrics

The lyrics to this track are pretty ambiguous. The use of 'irony' could be interpreted on various levels and the intrinsic links with joy division combined with the upbeat track confuses even more. Anyway, these are the ideas I've decided to stick with in order to apply moving image to the track:

'Let's dance to joy division and celebrate the irony, everything is going wrong, but we're so happy'

ok. here goes...
  • celebrating the irony of dancing to joy division.
  • everything's going wrong for joy division, but the wombats are going to remain happy.
  • celebrating their realisation of how happy they feel when dancing to joy division
now, there are waaaay more ideas that could be extracted from this key line, but we've got to settle on a mere few otherwise we could go round in circles all day.

The other key line is:
'Let the love tear us apart, I found a cure for a broken heart'
  • Surrendering, letting go, allowing things to go wrong, letting love be lost because...
  • They've discovered the 'cure'; the happiness of dancing to joy division.

Music Video: Lady Soveriegn '9 to 5'

Music Video: The Pussycat Dolls 'When I grow up'

Scaffolding shots: (1.50)
  • I really like the climbing the scaffolding shots. Just FAR less sexual for an indie video obviously...!
  • The birds eye shots, character climbing into the frame

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crowds and street parties

I managed to drag these two videos up from the depths of my memory. how old school. anyway, i somehow remembered they had street party scenes, which could be of some use.

Avril Lavigne - sk8er boi

(from 1.34)
  • people running in direction of performance, in between cars
  • band performing on car
  • on-lookers watching from windows
  • swinging on road signs
Geri Halliwell - It's raining men

  • (2.33) stair shots
  • (3.16) (4.20) onlookers hanging out windows, london streets, cars, crowd takeover